Why Street Photography?


Location has always been an important consideration for Home Buyers. They want to know where and how far away schools, shopping and other amenities are.

Nowadays, your clients are looking for even more information about the neighbourhood – things such as safety, aesthetics, walk scores and bike scores. Your clients want to know as much as they can about a home’s surrounding environment before they make their purchase.

This growing interest is due to more of us working remotely from home, along with the limited access to amenities and social outlets through the pandemic. More of us are becoming boulevardiers. Professionals get up from their desk to take a brisk walk; couples and families are spending more time on leisurely evening strolls through nearby parks and playgrounds. We’ve all had a little more time on our hands for introspection and observation of our contemporary lifestyles.

What is one of the best ways to provide great information about a home’s neighbourhood?

More street photography.

That’s why we’re providing Realtors® and property managers our SPRING promotion, just in time for our City of Flowers to show her true beauty!


Spring Street Photography Promotion


When you book our REALTOR® LISTING package with Angela for the first time, you will receive FREE:

• Five photos of your Listing’s Neighbourhood
• One additional Dusk Shot
• $99.99 Value

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Enhance your Realtor® Listing Photography Package with a SPRING PROMOTION until May 31st. 

SPRING PROMOTION - Street Photography by Angela Provost of Coastline Photography in Victoria BC