Do you have a Bed and Breakfast or an Airbnb in the Greater Victoria?

With the resurgence of tourism around the world, now is the time to bring your Bed and Breakfast (AirB&B) enterprise front and center by professionally showcasing your space. A professional photographer can help you do just that. Our photographer Angela Provost specializes in real estate photography, and she has documented hundreds of homes for listing Realtors® and their clients.

Angela and our team have a fascination for the story and character of home and the spaces we live in, along with an avid – dare we say obsessive – desire to travel, meet new people and explore architecture. We use cutting edge technology to capture high quality inside, outside, and aerial photos, create 3D virtual tours, and craft compelling videos.

Now may be the perfect time to ramp up your marketing with high quality photos, online tours and videos. According to DestinationGreaterVictoria.com CEO Paul Nursey, and V.P. of Strategy, Governance and Stakeholder Engagement Graham Wallace, Victoria is leading the resurgent tourism industry. Both recently attended the West Shore Chamber of Commerce meeting on July 13th at the Royal Roads University’s Hatley Castle where Mr. Nursey shared the story of how his organization, along with their stakeholders, faced a devastating 90% decline in revenue over nearly two years through the pandemic.

Destination Greater Victoria barely survived. They had to furlough most of their 45 full time employees leaving only six people in the depths of the furloughs (April – June 2020) who also took a cut in their salaries along with other personal sacrifices to hang on and serve their remaining stakeholders. This spring, he and his remaining staff marshalled all their resources to launch an advertising campaign to let the world know Victoria is once again open for business. Typical Spring campaign pre-covid would be $600K – $800K, but they pulled together 2.2 million, and their gambit worked! They parlayed their 2.2 million advertising budget into a 300% growth last year and they helped catapult Victoria BC into the lead for regional tourism revenues in Canada.

These two are an example of the highly dedicated professionals working to ensure Victoria shows up on the world stage.

What does this mean for you?

It means Victoria is back on the map!

It means it’s time to put your best game on and come out roaring!

How will we help you do that?

We created a proven, affordable, highly effective campaign.

This entails a scheduled, two-hour photo shoot where we come in with our cutting-edge gear to shoot a minimum of 25 high resolution photos, a 3-D virtual tour with our Matterport camera, aerial photos of your B&B and neighbourhood including views. We package this up and deliver it to you the next day along with any help you need to deploy this on your website.

If you don’t have a website, no problem. We can set that up a single-page website for you in two days’ time to showcase your B&B.


What results can I expect?

While we don’t have confirmed numbers for your industry, we can tell you with certainty that professional photography increases over asking bids for those selling their homes over 20% of the time and decreases time to sale by 30%.

We confidently predict that translates into more bookings and better prices for you over time.

How much does this cost?

We have very affordable packages. For $199 + $0.8 per sq. ft, we provide you with 25 interior, 10 exterior, a dusk photo (if requested), and a Matterport Virtual Tour which allows viewers to walk through your bed and breakfast online. See examples HERE

What do I need to do to prepare my bed and breakfast for the photo session?

We ask the following to be completed to the best of your ability before we arrive:

  1. Try your best to complete all the cleaning and renovations by the day before
  2. Turn on all the lights and open all blinds and (inside) doors
  3. Clear away any clutter
  4. Take down personal photographs you don’t want displayed in photos or the tour
  5. Make sure your pets are secured, especially if they are indoor pets
  6. Alert tenants or guests of the appointment
  7. If possible, please vacate the premises while the photographer is working
  8. Please give 24 hours’ notice if we will have to reschedule

Will you help me clean?

Cleaning is not a part of our service model, but we CAN make recommendations and help you arrange for a cleaner if needed.

Can you help me put your work on my website?

Yes, we can. The marketing arm of our business is www.coastline.marketing and our team will work with you to ensure you can put our photos, videos, and virtual tour to excellent use.

How do I book you?

Just fill out our contact form or call directly to 250-216-2993 and we’ll go over your requirements and details, and we’ll book the photo shoot.

Looking forward to working with you!