Did you know Real Estate Photographers are an integral part of your team?

Here’s How: We can promote you to your current and future clients.

We’ll alert you to any potential challenges such as, unexpected mold in the crawlspace, feedback from neighbours or tenants, and so on. Essentially, we’ll discretely make you aware of any information that could impact the sale of the home.

We’ve been in hundreds of homes to take thousands of photos and Matterport Tours, and we have a few takeaways that could be helpful.

Sometimes Homeowners REALLY Love Their Home

Homeowners sometimes ask us to focus on specific features which have emotional meaning to them. For example, one homeowner we met on a photo shoot was infatuated with their fireplace and wanted us to make it the main focus of the entire shoot! Unfortunately, when the home sold, the new owners immediately ripped it out.

All Realtors® we work with take direction from the homeowner. Understandably, your clients have certain expectations which you must consider. Sometimes homeowners need to be gently reminded that, unless they plan on buying their own home, their Realtor® are professionals who should guide the photo shoot.

Prepare the Home Before the Photo Shoot

There are people out there who can see beyond the clutter, but the vast majority need to see beautiful pictures of functional, esthetically appealing rooms. A fresh coat of paint, new mulch, pruned hedges in the yard, or just decluttering can make a big difference. This is very helpful come photo shoot day.

Let the Light In

We touch as little as possible while we’re in a home. It’s part of our professional conduct while we represent our Realtor® clients. If you’re not able to be on site for the day we shoot, please instruct the homeowner we want to have all the doors, curtains, and blinds open, and all the lights on. Plenty of light is key to shooting high quality photos.

Discretion Is Our Watchword!

Originally, we put a logo on our vehicles, but we soon removed them after we realized some homeowners and Realtors® sometimes need to keep an impending sale a secret. Now we “fly under the radar” whenever possible while on the job.

We never, ever discuss your business with your client. If they have questions or concerns about the sale of their home, we point them back to you and/or let you know.

We Love to Promote You

Sometimes Real Estate Photographers can’t help but attract attention. For instance, if we’re flying a drone and taking aerial photos or videos, we’re almost always approached by curious neighbours, who invariably ask us questions about the listing. Any listing related questions they have will be directed towards you.

To help us represent you, be sure to give us a few of your business cards or brochures.

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Additional Marketing Services

We also produce videos, pre-construction renders, virtual staging, brochures, articles, and websites to help promote our awesome customers. If you’re interested in some of these services, come over to our sister-site Coastline Marketing.